DiskWrangler 3.1.2

Keyboard controlled launcher and navigator


  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces amount of time spent using mouse
  • Powerful file finding features


  • Hard to get used to at first


DiskWrangler is one of many tools which allow you to use your keyboard to launch applications and perform other functions in OS X via the keyboard.

DiskWrangler allows you to quickly launch and switch among different applications and files, or launch web pages with a few keystrokes. You can view and manage the contents of any connected drive, including items the Finder does not show or allow you to copy, move or change. DiskWrangler also has a powerful search feature which lets you find files by name and date, and can even find files that Mac OS X 10.4’s Spotlight doesn't reveal.

DiskWrangler can certainly help you become more productive - you can save considerable amounts of time by launching applications from the keyboard instead of reaching for the mouse all the time. However, it takes some getting used to if you've always been used to using the mouse. Other than that, the powerful file browsing features are sometimes handy when Finder can't find or access certain files.

DiskWrangler is a convenient application that can speed up your working day and reduce the amount of time you spend using the mouse.

Improved speed of loading lists


  • Improved speed of loading lists


DiskWrangler 3.1.2

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